Scalability tests with jMeter and FusionReactor

  • Oct 22, 2013
  • coldfusion, cfcamp, cfml, scalability, jmeter, fusionreactor
  • JLepage

That was a extraordinary experience this year to be Speaker in front of a large CFML crowd.
Thanks to all persons who were in my session, thanks to all persons who has helping me to do this session. Thanks to me for doing a such great job, lol :D

I have to say that I meet several of you, that was always a pleasure and very friendly. I meet some CFML gurus that we have. And I proude to have made some close friends over this days.
I so enjoy this few days than I can’t wait until next year ! ;) This is description of my session, in case you was not here:

"Scalabilty test with jMeter and FusionReactor"

Every day, more developers use unit tests to verify consistency of code, but in an isolate way. With Scalability tests, we can check the code in a (almost) real environment with large number of (fake) users. This tests permit to simulate high traffic and to generate load problems who can’t appear on unit tests. They can be used too to reproduce production bugs in your application and/or in a pro-active way.
In this first approach of jMeter, we will see together the basics of scalability tests.

For the PDF of my presentation, click below.