Structuring Application

  • Oct 21, 2012
  • cfcamp, ColdFusion, Test, development, Railo, CSS, MachII
  • JLepage

Michael Hnat (from contact me for making a training at CFAcademy 2012 about ’how to Structuring Application’.

the Subject
It was not easy because it was a vast and complex subject and because it was my first "real" training. So, i try to put my ideas of what we can do to do a better job. We have two part, first a daily hygiene for projects and globals aspects to keep in mind on architecture part.
We have a little part on Design Pattern and some samples on Coldfusion. We have a short overview of MachII Framework and the LESS language(?).

I would like to thanks Michael for having thinking of me and letting me done this training. And off course i would like to thank all participants for be patient and to not having jump out the window =)

CFCamp 2012
Training "Structuring Application"